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Yarmouth Telephone Exchange

The Yarmouth Exchange serves 1,143 residential premises, 81 non-residential premises and a number of vital public services, such as two schools, a Doctor’s Surgery and a Pharmacy. In addition to the town the Exchange serves a number of smaller rural settlements. The area covered includes Yarmouth, Thorley, Wellow, Ningwood and Norton.

In comparison to our neighbouring county, Hampshire, average speeds in the Yarmouth exchange appear particularly poor, especially in the residential classification which supports the key home working sector and the elderly. This is confirmed in the recent review of broadband services on the Isle of Wight which identified Yarmouth as a low coverage area.

To see if you can receive Yarmouth Broadband click here to see if your post code is listed.

Unfortunately there are some residents who will not be offered the Yarmouth Broadband service because we feel we cannot improve the service they are currently receiving. This is due to their proximity to the Yarmouth Telephone Exchange cabinet.

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