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Why high speed Broadband?

Is there a need for high speed Broadband?
Island businesses face obvious transport challenges due to their severance by sea, so strong communication links are vital. This is especially true in the rural parts of the Island where improved rural broadband is essential if existing businesses are to be able to compete and if new businesses are to be encouraged to set up.

Digital & creative industries are likely to be amongst the fastest growing in the world economy in the 21st century. Superfast Broadband connectivity will allow small companies within the sector to locate or grow on the Island, providing employment opportunities for local people, directly and indirectly. The rural Isle of Wight offers an excellent location for small businesses to operate, diversify and improve the sustainability of the rural economy.

Fort Victoria Coastguard Cottages

Improved broadband also provides opportunities for increased home working and online delivery of health support, community care, education and many other services. This rural broadband initiative is intended to roll out faster broadband by introducing Local Loop Unbundling, Sub Loop and other solutions on a phased basis right across the Island. This will be achieved initially by successfully empowering the Yarmouth Exchange and then by expanding the trading model right across the island, capitalising on increasing economies of scale.

This is a not for profit project with surpluses to be re-invested. This is a unique opportunity to address a key and difficult economic priority by bringing together public funding, a willing and professional not for profit organisation, who will lead and deliver the initiative, a knowledgeable and experienced technical team and strong community engagement.

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