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The Cordon Family

The Cordon family live centrally in Yarmouth and so are quite close to the Yarmouth Telephone Exchange. Their previous achievable broadband speed was around 6mbps and with Yarmouth Broadband they are enjoying consistent speeds of over 15mbps!

As a family of seven there is high demand on their internet; from on-line gaming, interactive school lessons as well as streaming TV and the demands of working from home. At any one time it wouldn’t be unusual to have six of the family using their internet connection.

“As this is was new service we were initially a little hesitant to transfer but the move could not have been easier and with the uninterrupted service and significantly faster speeds we are receiving, every member of the family is now enjoying the internet, which we feared would only be available in the more densely populated urban areas. The internet is now more important to us than the television!”

Looking ahead their demand on the internet will only increase and key features they are enjoying from their Yarmouth Broadband service are:

  • No restriction on their download limit – this is especially the case for those who enjoy on-line gaming where constant provision of a strong speed is essential.
  • No change in their broadband speed at peak times – because this is when they too will require their service.

Would your family benefit from fast, consistent internet access? Contact us now for more information:

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