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Laurence Mitchell Jewellers

As a member of the Yarmouth Business Association, Laurence Mitchell Jewellers (and Gallery) have been extremely supportive of the Yarmouth Broadband project and were a key player in getting so many residents and businesses to register their support.

Increasingly businesses are becoming more dependent on the internet (regardless of location) and in the Winter of 2010/11 Laurence saw 60% of his business come via the internet. At certain times of the day his previous service was found to be quite sluggish, which apart from being somewhat frustrating could also reduce the service that could be offered to his customers. Laurence now enjoys the fantastic speed of 23Mbps.

Laurence says “Switching to Yarmouth Broadband at home and for my business in the town, has enabled me to maximise my online business potential, with instant access to my websites at anytime of the day or night.
My rapidly growing internet based businesses, serving both the UK & abroad, requires a reliable business partner; this Yarmouth Broadband provides.”

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