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EFM Business Package

The Yarmouth Broadband EFM Business Package is available to people on the Yarmouth Telephone Exchange.

There are some businesses who will not be offered the Yarmouth Broadband service because we feel we cannot improve the service they are currently receiving. This is due to their proximity to the Yarmouth Telephone Exchange cabinet. To see if you can receive Yarmouth Broadband click here to see if your Post Code is listed.

Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM)is a highly resilient bonded copper pair Ethernet Service and is the next generation in Ethernet offerings. EFM has the ability to carry higher bandwidth connections of up to 22mbps to businesses without the need for costly end-to-end fibre leased lines.

We expect band speeds to be double or treble the speed you are currently receiving. The speeds will vary depending on your proximity to the Exchange Server itself but we expect some businesses to achieve in excess of 20mbps.

This is a bespoke service that we offer with prices for the EFM Business Package starting typically from £150 plus VAT per month.

Due to the community nature of this initiative, Shalfleet and Yarmouth Primary Schools and Little Explorers and Little Stars pre-schools will each receive £250 when 200 residents and businesses have signed up to high speed Yarmouth Broadband.

The contract is for a 12 month period and following this it will be a one month rolling contract. You will of course have a 7 day cooling off period should you change your mind.

All of our service will be provided locally from our offices in Newport.
During this registration period our Customer Service line will be open:
Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5.00pm on 01983 201560

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